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Can you use a DG in a SG?

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  • Can you use a DG in a SG?

    I've noticed that you are able to add a Distribution Group to a Security Group, but functionally it doesn't work and was wondering why.

    What I tried was to secure access to a drive share called "Rx_NSW". I created a new Custom Security Group, "SG_Rx_NSW" and instead of adding all the members manually, thought I would use and existing Distribution Group (lazy! I know). But it doesn't allow the members of the DG access to the share. I have to manually add the members to the Custom SG.

    Why would MS allow the adding of DG's to SG's in Windows 2003?
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    Re: Can you use a DG in a SG?

    It's because security groups can be used like distribution groups. (but not vice versa)

    The idea behind distribution groups, IIRC, is to be able to group users together that don't have common security needs/access/privileges but have common distribution needs.

    If this is 2003 (and I think 2000 too) (and you're at the right domain level) you can convert the distribution group into a security group.

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