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Server image restore on a new server

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  • Server image restore on a new server

    hi all,
    its a question about somthing i hope i wont need to do in the future but i most ask...
    i made a image backup of my server with Acronis True Image Server/Ghost or any utils that supposed to do 1:1 image backup.
    now, after a server crush ( HD Failur , Motherboard burn , Or Rain fail on the server ) i needed to use the image to restore the data.
    since the original server hardware was destroyed i had to restore the image to a diffrent server/temprary computer.
    the restoration went well but i couldnt get the server running in any case doe the hardware changes...
    is there anyway i be able to use the 1:1 image server as a complitly backup of the server or that only if ill fix the hardware on the server himself i could use it ?
    is there anyway i could start the server after the hardware changes on a temporary computer ?

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    Re: Server image restore on a new server

    Have you used google??

    I did and this was the first hit on mine


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      Re: Server image restore on a new server

      Shame on you WullieB, that is an NT article and rather old Though the OP should use "your favourite search engine", no doubt.

      It comes down to this: if you want the image to reboot on different hardware, it needs the drivers for the new disk sub-system. That can be a little tricky, if you don't know what that "new system" is going to be. What you can do, however is add some generic drivers like basic SCSI, IDE and SATA to the existing server before you take the backup/image. Heightens your chances of the image booting when you restore it to new hardware.

      For a really full understanding of the whole subject you could take a cruise leaving from New Orleans in May and have a full week or weekend learning about Disaster Recovery.

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        Re: Server image restore on a new server

        Originally posted by teiger View Post
        Shame on you WullieB, that is an NT article and rather old Though the OP should use "your favourite search engine", no doubt.

        How much of a fool do i feel now.

        Note to self.


        Now back to the OP's question.

        In my opinion the best form of backup is the good old tape backup. That way you can get your server up and running and restore your AD infrastructure back, if you really need to, and all your data.

        Plus if you had to do an image everytime something change you would be a very busy little IT guy.

        BTW here is the article i thought i was posting.


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          Re: Server image restore on a new server


          I do numerous Ghost restores in a lab environment for both workstations and servers as I try to replicate production scenarios. Before Vista (yet to see this and believe it), any significant changes in HW (CPU, chipset) requires a new HAL or you BSOD. Graphics and NIC are secondary issues.

          If you get a BSOD, the easiest way I know to fix this is do a repair after the Ghost restore to the new HW.

          Those MS URL's look much more complicated than a repair.

          So in a Ghost world, do the restore and reboot. If no BSOD, fix the video, NIC, etc. drivers afterwards. If a BSOD, try the repair. Here's a nice recipe for that:

          Originally posted by arberibrahimi View Post
          Instead of using recovery console, try windows repair. If windows xp installation finds your existing crashed XP use windows repair.

          Windows repair most of times saves your documents and only repairs errors.

          Here is a link that can help in this case:

          Repair should keep all your software and setting intact. Domain membership may need to be reestablished and I would certainly think twice before doing this on a DC.

          Since you're just working on a disaster recovery plan, I'd be interested in how a repair compares to the MS URL's posted.


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