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  • Backup Strategy Help

    Hi All,

    I'm producing a backup strategy here and what I really need is a command or software that can analyse the changes to files.

    I need to know how often the data changes as I'm pretty sure a large volume is fairly static.

    The bulk of the important data is a share that has about 1TB of data with another 1TB of less important stuff. Weve got a 20 slot tape library with SDLT 320 (160 GB/cart) - so 3.2 TB backup capacity. I want to keep human intervention (buying & changing tapes) to a minimum, hence the above request.

    Let me know what you think!


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    Re: Backup Strategy Help

    The quickest thing I can think of is to use the plain old dir command.
    1) Reset the Archive flag of the files on the volume you want to monitor.
    2) Let your people work on the files for a period of time that is relevant.
    2) Use the command : dir /aa /c /w /s from the root of the volume you want monitored. The line before last one, at the end of the command output, contains the number of files listed and their total.
    It's low-tech , but it should work. And another disadvantage: on such huge volumes as you are talking about, it will take a lot of time.
    So, your call (as always).
    Good luck, keep the forum posted.

    Sorin Solomon

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