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    Re: Partitioning

    Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
    Hey There,

    What's the best way to parition drives in windows 2003 server ? In disk management i have no way resizing the already existing partitions because they together take up the full capacity of the disk. Is parition magic a viable option ?

    You cannot reduce drive sizes in disk management, also you can only really work with Dynamic Disks. IMHO Partition Magic is a very good 3rd party tool for basic disks on XP and I have never had any problems with it. Please be aware:
    It does not work with Server (use "Volume Manager")
    It does not work with dynamic disks

    You may prefer to try Acronis Partition Expert which, AFAIK, overcomes the above problems

    Always make backups first, just in case
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      Re: Paritioning

      Acronis Partition Expert has been remade into a "better" product:

      Also no support for W2K3:

      Supported operating systems
      New! Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
      Windows XP SP 2
      Windows 2000 Professional SP 4
      Windows NT 4.0 Workstation SP 6
      Windows Me
      Windows 98 SE
      I have not used Acronis so I can't speak to its capabilities. I have used PartitionMagic a bunch and it is OK.

      As Ossian noted, it does not work under W2K3. I use it in my lab where I dual boot my servers w/ a copy of WXP. You could mount the drive in question in another box assuming you can take the outage. Using something like BartPE expects you having license to run WXP on the target which I'm pretty sure you don't.

      If you use PartitionMagic, do verify your partition map in PTEDIT32 (included) as it likes to mix up your partition table. If you inject a partition in the middle, PartitionMagic puts it at the end of the table and makes all the starting / ending pointers have the correct values. Works for most things but, amazingly, not for their companion product -- BootMagic.

      Also stay away from dynamic partitions. Any argument for them has one or more at least as strong against. Another half-baked idea from the MS disk management team right up there with the Windows Mount Manager.


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        Re: Paritioning

        I agree - if you're messing about with resilient storage and/or fault tolerance and speed, USE HARDWARE.

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