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Dns / Dhcp / Printers

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  • Dns / Dhcp / Printers

    Hi guys/gals - been a while since I have had to post a request, as things luckily have been running pretty cool.
    Hope everyone had a lovely christmas and a fabulous new year - i know i did - still getting rid of the hangover. - ANY WAY !!!

    Got a slight problem - however i am getting a steadily increasing number of printers falling off the network.

    We operate win2003 servers with integrated dns and dhcp

    Things are cool with all O/S clients, however we are seeing more and more printers which are acquiring their DHCP lease correctly, however arent appearing in DNS intermittently (somtimes A record only - othertimes ptr records) - This is now leading us to do a bit too much manual intervention.!!

    We are enabling DNS Dynamic updates
    This DDNS Updates is always A & PTR
    We are discarding a & ptrs after lease is deleted
    we are dynamically updating a & ptr's for nt4.0 or older clients (of which we have very few)

    Any ideas people - I am stumpted and as I said, nothing seems to have changed on our DNS DHCP infrastructure for a while now.

    However this problem seems to be growing and growing.

    Any pointers in the right direction or Any help is, as always, is much appreciated !!!