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I Can't join Win2k3 in Win2k Domain , Help ME !

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  • I Can't join Win2k3 in Win2k Domain , Help ME !

    1/ My company have a Win 2000 Server Domain . Now I install add a Win2k3 and WinXp Pro Sp2 . I need have to join Win2k3 and WinXp Pro Sp2 in Domain Win2k
    I get the following error:

    "The following error occurred attempting to joind the domain "XXXDOMAIN": The specified server cannot perform the requested operation.

    I can access the shared folders on the server no problem do and whatever I want with them but I CAN NOT JOIN the domain. No matter what I do. Using a different desktop computer after searching for the server on the Network Neighboorhood icon. I can actually login to the server from that desktop computer using simple logon without a domain even though that computer is configured to use a WORKGROUP and NOT a domain; but I can still login to the server and access the same files I access from my laptop even though I CAN NOT JOIN the domain.

    I am the administrator I have added and setp all the accounts for all computers and users on the domain controller tree but still it won't work.

    Sometimes after trying to join the DOMAIN from my laptop I check on the Domain Controller tree and I see that the account for the laptop HAS BEEN DISABLED BY the server on the directory tree. I re-enable the computer it back but it still I can not join the domain.

    2 /
    I have a Mail Server Install Mdeamon and ISA 2004 ( ProXy Server )
    I Use Outlook Express to check mail : Ok
    But : If I use Microsoft Outlook 2003 to check mail . I get a error : can't connection to POP3 and SMTP

    What am I missing or overlooking on the setup? Can anybody please help?

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    Re: I Can't join Win2k3 in Win2k Domain , Help ME !

    I'm assuming your only adding a file server and not trying to make the 2003 box a DC.

    You need to check your DNS settings.

    Try this : Click HERE
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    W2K AD, WSUS, RIS 2003. ISA also AVG Server
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      Re: I Can't join Win2k3 in Win2k Domain , Help ME !

      Check this out

      But I have also heard that someone fixed it by running "gpupdate /force /boot" 10 times.

      I know that sounds ridiculous but that's what i heard, and worth a try I guess.

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