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need help about remot install xp

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  • need help about remot install xp

    Dear Sir
    And followup members
    I need help for remote install of xp on my pc with win 2003 server
    but i need what
    Is only install of software on lap top not as client for this server just plain install
    other thing is did i keep full loaded xp +messenger +realplayer +adobe +msword
    as image or ghost in 2003 server for install other pc
    main problem i have is
    i have laptop with 2003 loaded
    and i have job to go to diffrent offices and install the xp on there computers
    i want to make it is eassy that connect 4-5 any nuber of pc with my laptop and
    install all software remotly in one shot as free system not as client for my laptop
    hope i get some help about it
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    Re: need help about remot install xp

    It can be complicated.

    You can Use your server as a Remote Installation services server (RIS)
    Or do an Admin install image to the server.

    If I'm reading you correctly you want MSN, Adobe etc installed also, in which case I would suggest the RIS method the only problem there is (and I'm only going on a 2000 install using this method) that the PC's need to be identical or it will not be worth starting this.

    Heres MS RIS info Technet RIS 2003

    Any problems you can get all the info you need by using
    The Univurse is still winning!

    W2K AD, WSUS, RIS 2003. ISA also AVG Server
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      Re: need help about remot install xp

      If the target hardware is identical, consider sysprep and an imaging utility. Less work than RIS!

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        Re: need help about remot install xp

        ossian is correct... RIS is a pain for occasional use. my network consists of about 500 users and around 50 servers (we service the public, thus the unusual ratio of servers to workstations) and in some instances it is not practical to remove the computer to an imaging area...

        what i did was create an answer key and an admin installation point. you can use a number of programs to create a boot disk that will map a drive on PXE... then use the admin install to perform the rest.

        mine is a little more involved as we have several different types of workstations... my alternative was to slipstream a copy of all the necessary drivers in the $OEM$ area so all the computers will have the needed drivers...

        there are many different solutions... check out this one:

        MSFN is very helpful. i have to upgrade the slipstream on occasion, as well as add apps to the admin install... like upgrading adobe to 8, as the original contained 6. you can even include your company screen savers and such. it takes about 30 minutes to do one from the "format" screen to domain logon.
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          Re: need help about remot install xp

          Thank you for all of helping posts i will try to go through
          And thanks to petri for making this place awalable for
          Help the learners