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Serious Error by Server 2003 shutdown.

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  • Serious Error by Server 2003 shutdown.

    I have a problem with my server; I'm still not sure whether it's software of hardware based. The OS running is Win2003 R2 (DC, DNS, DHCP). The problem appears when I want to shutdown the system. I know that servers shouldn't shutdown frequently, but this one is not needed 24h and it's hardware is "usual" (Asus P4P800 SE, Pentium 3.0 S478, 512MB RAM, 2X80GB Sata HDD and 1X320GB IDE, DVD-RW) so I wasn't sure whether it can be ok running for a long time. So, when I go to shutdown, everything seems normal (log off, system is shutting down...), and I get the black screen on the monitor, like it's actually switched off, but computer is still running and HDD IDE is constantly on, and the only solution is to use the power button to switch it off. On the next switch on there is a notification about "serious error" and also error id 1003 in the Event Viewer under System. There are no other problems during uptime or by reset, just when I want to shut it down. I've found similar or the same problem in the MS knowledge base, but they don't recommend the use a fix unless the problem is critical:

    Recently I've added that IDE HDD, so I'm not sure whether it contributed to the error or no. Maybe the PSU is not strong enough (Asus 350W)? Or the problem is on the OS side? So far there's no other problems, so I'm not sure whether I should try anything or leave it as it is until the next Service pack or so. Any help would be appreciated much. Thnx!

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    Re: Serious Error by Server 2003 shutdown.

    What services is your server running?
    gives a number of hits for your error

    Some refer to Terminal Services amd IPSEC

    IMHO the problem is almost certainly software although I would prefer to see a more powerful PSU as 350W is on the very low side.

    Why not leave your server on 24/7 and configure powersaving options to spin down disks etc?

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      Re: Serious Error by Server 2003 shutdown.

      You can use the Power Supply Calculator to see if you have enough grunt for your server. The link is at the bottom of the writing.
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        Re: Serious Error by Server 2003 shutdown.

        Server is DC, running AD, DHCP, DNS and acting as a file server; no terminal or ipsec services. Basically, I consider most of the time it's not under heavy load, and I agree it's almost certain that it's about software, but that PSU also didn't seem too reliable (just always no time to put something else inside. )
        Will try with power saving options, thanks for the tip.