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Networking issues win2k3

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  • Networking issues win2k3

    Ok I have a brain teaser.
    I have 2 computers both running windows server 2003 enterprize edition
    on Comp A I have ip sub= on Comp B i have ip= on router(linksys) i have ip) sub= I can access the internet from Comp A but for some reason i can't get the internet from Comp B. I have tried everything the comp will not let me renew my ip it will only let me release it but then when i try to renew it from some reason it gives me an autoconfigure ip. Tried restarting my dsl modem restarting the router.

    Do they all have to be in the same sub net.
    Also on Comp A I tried to set up routing and remote access and nat but my one nic card was faulty so i had to resort back to this. How do i remove everything like dns dhcp and all that stuff. Thanks

    Nice site btw.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Yes, they all have to be on the same subnet.
    2. Give Comp B a static IP address, then specify the subnet mask and gateway.
    3. Try pinging the router, do you get replies?
    4. If # 3 works, try pinging computer A.
    5. Try pinging a website. If that works, you're okay and the problem lies with the router configuration.