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Has this issue been addressed with Hotfixes?

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  • Has this issue been addressed with Hotfixes?

    I have always been curious about this MS KB:

    If one is current with all Windows Updates, is one then covered for all the files here?

    My rough looking at the problem is no.

    Daniel, any ideas?
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    I don't think so...

    1) apparently it will be included in the next SP as further testing is still necessary
    2) you have to contact Microsoft Support for this

    ==> it seems that they have a fix, but that they aren't 100% sure about it. Probably that's the reason it's not public yet.

    Good technicians / scripters don't know everything, they just know where to look for the answer.


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      Thanks Marty,

      I did find a related Hotfix dealing with Intel PIII-M processors, and manually upgraded p3.sys and it did help in battery usage.

      Most of the MS KB deal with issues in power state changes, my concern was that if you hit 100%, the kernel level drivers could not recover and it is hard for me to dis-entagle that from the fact that the machines have entered some power state.

      The laptop issue was a problem, and upgrading seemed to help. It seems from all the articles that AMD-based processor notebooks would also beneift by forcing the change so as to get the battery life planned.

      Thanks again.
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