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VNC Service breakage

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  • VNC Service breakage

    I run vnc on all windows as a service so I can remotely manage machines. I've got a really annoying problem where you can be using the vnc and then it freezes up so I reconnect. Most of the time this works. But sometimes it doesn't and then I can't get back in to the machine via vnc.

    I reconnect, it prompts for the password, I enter it successfully and then instead of the the window with the remote desktop screen I get a Pop up box. The title is "VNC Viewer : Question" and the following error is contained with the Yes and No buttons to retry:
    SelectObject to CompatibleDC : Invalid windows handle. (1400)
    Do you wish to attempt to reconnect to <somemachinename>
    Retrying doesn't work and I have also tried restarting the service which restarts but the display still doesn't recover. The only thing that works at this point is to reboot the machine. Not really an option on a server when hours of processing would be destroyed and cause disruption...

    Does anybody know anything about this error or have any suggestions?

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    Re: VNC Service breakage

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