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Restore to dissimilar hardware test, snag

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  • Restore to dissimilar hardware test, snag

    I've been testing my restores. I am particularly interested in getting restore to dissimilar hardware, bare metal preferably, working on my networks. I want to be able to test my backups, for one thing. I'm under some mgmt pressure to get this to work by the end of the month.

    A symantec vendor sold our buyer Intelligent Disaster Restore for BU Exec 10 to accomplish this. Then their tech support told us that it was supported, but only on version 11. None of which tallies with my research, and it looks like the only way to do this is to use BU Exec System Recovery (formerly LiveState Recovery).

    So I went ahead whilst doing the research and performed a full restore of one of our win 2003 servers using BU Exec version 9.1 to dissimilar hardware. Then, on the reboot phase, I booted to the install cd and ran system repair. Looked pretty good, and it boots, looks like I got my server back. However: when I try to log in Windows wants to be reactivated - it won't allow a login until that happens. Naturally, all the hardware changed. I click yes to activate but it just brings me back to the "press ctrl-alt-delete" page. Checked Microsoft and the suggestion was that I log in as admin in safe mode and activate. I can log in ok, but contrary to what MS says the activation wizard will not run in safe mode. I tried rolling the time back in save mode and bios to get in so I could load drivers and activate windows, but same problem. And there I am stuck.

    Meanwhile, I'm going through BU Exec System Recovery documentation and it looks good, but they mention that you can run this bare metal recovery product and may need to reactivate windows. So I could drop a grand on this product and end up at the same place. Of course buried in the documentation for restore anyware:
    "You must install a fully licensed version of Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery before you can perform a restore using the Restore Anyware capability. There is no trial or evaluation period for this feature".
    So I can't run a decent test of this product.

    Does anyone know a way around the activation problem? Does anyone have experience with Symantec System Recovery - good or bad? How about restore to dissimilar hardware, has anyone trod this road before?

    Sorry my post is so long.


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    Re: Restore to dissimilar hardware test, snag


    Try CA BrightStor ArcServe Backup for Windows, I had some pretty good results with it. It can do a dissimilar hardware restore (for example IBM X Server to IBM ThinkCenter WS) but it's a bit complicated to work with because it requires periodical creation of floppies and has some network requirements. Anyway if you need more info or some how-I-did-it info just let me know.



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      Re: Restore to dissimilar hardware test, snag

      Backup entire computer using NTBackup

      Add Drivers from NEW hardware to OLD installation.

      Backup again.

      Install Base system onto NEW hardware.

      Restore from 2nd Backup to New system.

      It should reboot if you added the correct storage drivers for the new system to the old installation and you are trying to boot from the same system disk/partition. Otherwise edit the boot.ini to suit.

      You shouldn't really need 3rd party tools.

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        Re: Restore to dissimilar hardware test, snag

        I agree that this can be done when you want to migrate to a new server. But what about restoring a server that has a major hardware failure and needs to be back ASAP?