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folder redirection through GPO

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  • folder redirection through GPO


    I recently enabled folder redirection for my users along with existing roaming profiles. My boss made me do it, because he had a great idea about reducing logon time without considering other things, but he likes to mess with everything and he's the boss so I'm pretty much stuck with this situation. Folders redirected are My Documents and Desktop, and they point to two different folders on the network. But here a problem crept along:

    All of our users have their assigned machines and whole redirection concept works fine and no hassle. But when another user logs on to that machine and works on it, from that point on Windows constantly tries to synchronize folders for him/her also every time anyone logs off from that workstation. Because of permissions on folders where desktops and mydocs are held, errors occure. Now this is really annoying for me, not to mention that users have to wait to click close button in order to shutdown their PCs because there is no way to make windows continue with shutdown/logoff once synchronization error has occured (there is a workaround for warnings though). So my two questions are:

    1. Will deleting files from offline folders cache on affected workstation solve this without destroying network copies of these files?
    2. Is there any way to automatize this other than enabling GPO rule to delete offline files on logoff?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.