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Migrating from NT4 to W2K3

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  • Migrating from NT4 to W2K3

    Hi all

    As the subject line says, I'm a complete Newbie to Server software.

    I'll just give a brief outline of my situation.

    I work for a company that presently has a Domain running on an ageing NT4 Server PC. We have 14 other PCs that log into this domain and basically use it as a file saving and retrieval system. Drive D is where all the user files reside. I'm unsure as to whether drive D is a seperate physical hard drive or a partition on the one drive - which would be the better scenario for a new system?

    Okay, the problem we have is that our IT guy has left the company & the system is a bit of a mess. It all works but there was no virus protection (he removed it) and some of the 14 PCs accessed the network wirelessly. The wireless system had no protection whatsoever and anyone could have accessed our system!!

    So, what I want to do is replace with new - the server PC and some of the 14 PCs will be replaced or upgraded. I also plan to hard wire the PCs presently using wireless and do away with wireless.

    I plan on buying Windows Server 2003 which I believe comes with 5 licences.

    Do you experienced guys feel this is something I could reasonably undertake? I'm quite computer literate and, as i see it, the present system is quite basic. I just might need to ask some questions like HOW

    Thanks for reading this and any tips would be very gratefully received.

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    Re: Migrating from NT4 to W2K3

    Post name changed to something more appropriate.

    Datasafe - please look at the forum rules before posting again:


    3) Give your post a good topic (or subject line), reflecting the question's intentions

    Bad examples:
    For example, if you use a topic like
    or a stupid subject line like
    Windows 2000 help
    I will personally kick you out of here. So is using idioting topic titles such as
    I hate Microsoft
    I don't care about your love relations with Bill, I do care for my forums. Other people need to know what the thread is about, and using stupid titles like these won't help.
    Bad subject lines usually tell us it's a poorly written question. We don't like that.

    Good example:
    On the contrary, using a topic like this one
    Help in recovering local admin pwd on WinXP SP2 floppyless laptop
    Will actually bring people in, the ones that know the answer, and also those who do not, but would like to find what the answer is.
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      Re: Migrating from NT4 to W2K3

      Thanks for the reply and the correction.

      I've just been reading the forum rules


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        Re: Migrating from NT4 to W2K3

        With 14 PC, I would SERIOUSLY look at SBS 2003 Premium. Costs are less, much less when you consider what is in the package. Configuration is also a lot less complicated due to the ease of use with the wizards.
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