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Defrag Problem

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  • Defrag Problem

    OK not sure as to why this happened but we did a defrag at work on a 100gig drive on a raid 5 config

    afterwards we noticed that we had lost all the user permissions for the folders as this is where our users home folders are stored (some 1000 users folders here).

    no one was using the system at the time.

    I did at the time find a patch for defragin large volumes but cant find it anymore

    I have ran defrag on my test system but the biggest drive i have there is 40 gig and only on either scsi or ide.

    now i have had a similar issue on this system but a simple reboot fixed that

    has anyone else had this problem or know of a fix

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Defrag Problem

    What defrag program did you use?
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      Re: Defrag Problem

      hub... check for home folders permission... initially user alone will have the access and ownership... while defrag.. it administrator is not having access to that folders automatically it overrites the permission..... ..basic before doing defrag hav a backup...


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        Re: Defrag Problem

        just the standard defrag that comes with 2003 server.

        and administrator has full control on all folders

        can u just restore folder security via a backup with out restoring the files ? cos the backup for these folders takes 5 hours