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DNS MX Record in Server 2003

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  • DNS MX Record in Server 2003

    Had a question on how to add a MX record under DNS for Windows 2003.

    Our FQDN is listed as, we are in the process of switching over to another Exchange provider and so need a couple MX records added. The thing is the MX records now need to point to How is that done in DNS management.

    NB. Obviously corporation is not our FQDN, it is just an example name but same concept, going from one to

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    Re: DNS MX Record in Server 2003

    Are you going to be receiving emails from the Internet? If so, is your DNS server available publicly? If so, right-click the zone ( and select MX Record.
    But I'm guessing that your DNS server isn't open to the public. You'll need to contact whoever is in charge of your public DNS namespace and have them put in the appropriate record... or use a control panel that they probably provide.


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      Re: DNS MX Record in Server 2003

      Your MX records ar really only used when you are RECIEVING emails.

      Depending on how your DNS records are currently setup could mean that you simply conmtact your ISP and ask them to add an MX record for to have the external IP address of your mail server.

      How are your existing MX records setup??

      More info on your setup required.