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Service Account with Domain Admin rights

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  • Service Account with Domain Admin rights

    I have a service account that needs domain admin rights but the issue is that I do not want DBAdmin using this login to logon to the servers. We prefer to have them login using their own login. As you may know we don't want to have them login with the service account is that they would have full domain access. We want them to be able to start service on service without having to restrict. Hope that makes sense. Thanks

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    Re: Service Account with Domain Admin rights

    Hi Wooying

    Can you clarify please. Need more info!

    What requires Domain Admin rights, an application that's run from the servers?
    Or just the login to the server? if so what's the server running that require a Domain level administrator ?

    I see you mentioned DBAdmin so I'm guessing it's SQL ?

    Perhaps this will assist you SQL & Setting up Windows Service Accounts
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