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Licensing Questions

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  • Licensing Questions

    This is a very basic question....
    I am upgrading to Win2k3 with Exchange 2k3.
    I have about 24 PC's with Windows XP Pro
    I have about 27 Laptops's with Windows XP Pro

    I have 102 users getting Email, via PC, Laptop, IPAQ

    What is the best way to figure out what Licensing (CALS)

    Do I need 1 for each user getting Email from Exchange?
    Do I need 1 for Each Device logging on ot the Domain?

    If I was to order 103 CALS for Exchange and 60 Cals for Devices....would I be able to have 1 license server?


    As you can see...this licensing is really fun....

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    Re: Licensing Questions

    No licensing questions are basic!

    Does your 102 users include everyone using the desktops and laptops? If so, I think you will only need user CALs. If the 102 users are in addition to the laptop and desktop users, you may need the situation you describe

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      Re: Licensing Questions

      Hi Tom,
      Thanks for the reply. Not all use desktops or laptops. Some get email on thier blackberry or IPAQs....


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        Re: Licensing Questions

        Microsoft licensing is quite hard. I would advice to contact Microsoft or you're reseller.
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          Re: Licensing Questions

          Originally posted by Dumber View Post
          Microsoft licensing is quite hard. I would advice to contact Microsoft or you're reseller.

          I agree.... I might think one thing, and they tell me another, which could cost thousands of dollars...


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            Re: Licensing Questions

            From the little I know about licensing it's always a toss up between User and Device CALS. What I DO know is that every User/Device that AUTHENTICATES to the domain needs a CAL.
            Someone in another forum I'm in calls the User CAL the Bag o' Meat CAL. that ism if you think of the CAL as a piece of paper , then slap it on to the Bag o' Meat and stick it there as long as the user/bag o' meat is connecting to the domain. Doesn't matter if that user is connecting via a desktop, laptop, home computer, PDA, blackberry etc., as long as the bag o' meat doesn't get cooked (gets fired, leaves or dies!) that CAL is still stuck to it. If it DOES get cooked, then you can unstick the CAL and transfer it to a new bag o' meat.
            Reading back over that I'm not sure if that makes it easier or more dificult to understand

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