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Log monitoring MS Servers with Linux

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  • Log monitoring MS Servers with Linux

    Hi all

    I am looking for a solution where I can monitor and back up all events on Windows Servers (2000, 2003, SQL, Exchange, etc.) with a Linux computer.

    Is this possible at all?

    Attention: reason for my question is not that I don't like Windows. Our network is Windows based. It is more of a political issue in the company.

    Any help is welcome.


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    Re: Log monitoring MS Servers with Linux

    Hi Rough,
    It is amazing that you don't like windows. It is my favorite one. Any way it depend on taste as well and diffrent people have diffrent taste. Personally I am big fan of Windows version.
    You can accomplish your task by several ways. Easiest is use remote control softwares from your Unix machine to monitor those server.
    You can enable performance log and alert for DNS, DHCP and etc. The alert will send you noticificaiton messages from Windows machines automatically about performance parameter you set in Windows servers


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      Re: Log monitoring MS Servers with Linux

      Hi Ahmer

      Thanks for you answer. You misunderstood me mate, I like Windows, our entire network is in windows. It's only that we have to use Linux for some political reasons.

      I had a chat with couple of Windows Experts and came to following solution: Export Eventlogs from Servers and especially SQL Servers into textfiles in a dedicated directory. Then I can share directory and access it from the Linux machine.

      Now the question is, can I automate the export of Eventlogs with a VB Script???

      Thanks dudes.



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        Re: Log monitoring MS Servers with Linux

        For server monitoring I use Hobbit, its a bit tough to set up but once you get it going it works well. For windows you will need the BBWIN client. (it took me forever to figure out that ) and for other scripts check out DeadCat.
        Of course it is open source and handles all kinds of servers and OS's
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