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DNS and AD

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  • DNS and AD

    HI All,

    I got 1 AD forest 1 root domain and i child domain.

    root domain got 2 AD servers. windows 2003 and 2000 .

    Child domain also got 2 AD server both 2000 and this is remote site with vpn to headoffice.

    I got few issues my child domain keep losing the root DNZ zone???

    I can't add as a AD integrated zone adding like a secondory zone.

    but can't see any dns errors but i can see some NTDS KCC ( 1311) error on my PDC

    can someone help me?
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    Re: DNS and AD

    I'm sure lots of us could help if we had more information... WHAT is the KCC error on the DC? What is the configuration of your DNS? (zones, where they're hosted, where is the primary, where is the secondary, what's the Zone Transfer setup... etc etc)

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