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Domain Migration Issue

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  • Domain Migration Issue

    hi any help here would be great

    I migrated a site a few months ago and the final stage is coming up but I have a problem. Here is the scenario:

    An NT domain that holds exchange 5.5 called domains

    A 2k domain called with netbios name domain

    A new 2003 domain which I am migrating the other 2 domain into called domainsdomains.local, Exchange 2003 here

    I have the trusts setup and verified, over 80 mailboxes have been migrated to the new exchange server in the 2003 domain and at least 15 pcs + users have been migrated using ADMT. DNS is AD integrated in the 2k and 2003 domains and name resolution is ok.

    When I want to add a user from the 2003 domain into a group in the 2k domain I browse for the 2k domain in Site Location but I can't see any of the other trusted domains, only the 2003 domain. This was working at the start of the migration a few months back

    I recreated the trusts and turned off SID filtering again on the 2k-2003 trust. There are no errors in the logs

    can anyone point me in the right direction? This will take a more experienced MCSE than myself!! Fair Play to whoever can get it