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Trust relationship between NT Servers over a VPN

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  • Trust relationship between NT Servers over a VPN

    I have 2 NT server domain controllers with different domain names and IP ranges. They are connected using ADSL over a VPN created via a Watchguard and Soho box. They can remotely connect to each other, ping each other, and can open each other's services etc.
    The recource server (trusting server) is the main server in the office, and the user server (trusting server) is based on a site.
    When I try to establish any trusting domain on the site server, it gives an "access denied" error.
    If the trust is set up the other way around, I get an error message from either the server that I am trying to setup a trusted domain on that "could not find domain controller for this domain".
    Any ideas...

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    Make sure that the tunnel is forwarding NetBIOS over TCP/IP. Trusts need SMB to function properly.

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      not less important is to have the DCs point to the same WINS or have static entries in LMHOST for the PDC of the other domain.
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