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Replicating files across servers.

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  • Replicating files across servers.

    I have setup a backup server specifically to not only backup files on the DC, but to also pull files off remote servers (these servers are the file servers for the remote sites, one per site) and store the files locally.

    These files are then backed up to tape.

    The objective is to have a local copy of all files on all servers plus to control the backup process for all servers from one machine.

    Is there a built-in function in Windows Server 2003 which can help with the replication of files b/w servers? I can use an external application which will only copy changed files to the backup server, but was hoping that Windows Server had a similar function built-in.

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    Re: Replicating files across servers.

    DFS (Distributed File System) and FRS (File Replication Service) allows you to replicate files and folders between servers.

    Server 2003 R2 has enhancements to DFS.
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