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  • Help Configuring DNS Records

    I have a Windows 2003 server with internal DNS configured. I recently installed a Mail Server and have my ISP host the MX records. All the users on the network are using MS Outlook as the mail client and have configured the POP3 and SMTP with the IP Address of the Mail Server Box. This is working, the users are sending and receiving emails (internal and external). My problem is that some of the users have laptops and when they use the laptops outside of the office they cannot connect to the mail server because it's looking for the Mail Server's internal IP address. I want to create an MX record so I can re-configure MS Outlook POP3 and SMTP to The thing is my existing AD domain is domainname.local and I can't seem to create the MX record it always add domainname.local at the end which looks like this - Can someone guide me through the process on how to do this properly?


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    Re: Help Configuring DNS Records

    Your problem is coming because you are trying to create dns record inside your domain.local. The solution of problem what I think is You need to create seperate forward lookup zone called Under create A and MX record for your mail server. You also need to configure reverse lookup zone manually for this forward lookup zone, if it is using diffrent ip address.


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      Re: Help Configuring DNS Records

      I created the and added the A and MX record, created the pointer and changed the POP3 and SMTP settings in MS Outlook but it comes up with the error cannot from server Any thing else I can do?


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        Re: Help Configuring DNS Records

        Is you mail server behind a firewall? If so have you forwarded ports 25 and 110?

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