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erased files are not in the recycle bin

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  • erased files are not in the recycle bin

    hi all

    i noticed that when a user on a workstation is erasing a file on a shared folder
    of a server the file is not saved on his recycle bin and nor on the server
    does any 1 know how to change it?

    i would like to see all the erased files (by users) on my servers recycle bin

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    Re: erased files are not in the recycle bin

    Files deleted from network shares do not go into the recycle bin by default. I dont think it is possible to do this as it would be a security risk. You would be effectively copying the file to the local computer or users profile.... Not deleting it.
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      Re: erased files are not in the recycle bin

      Unfortunately (and this is one of the things I cannot understand about Microsoft), there is no protection for files deleted or changed through the Network. There is a Salvage command in Novell since the dark ages, but never was one implemented in any of Microsoft's servers.
      In other words, you can:
      - use DFS (Distributed File System) with a replication window large enough;
      - use Volume Shadow Copy (has some disadvantages, but it might solve the problem somehow);
      - use some 3rd party software.
      First two options are free, and part of the Windows Server 2003 arsenal. The third is not (the good applications cost money, there might be some free ones too).
      And this is relevant to shares on 2003 Server. If you need a solution for ordinary XP station, I have to disappoint you. Sorry, but only some 3rd party software might work.

      Good luck.

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        Re: erased files are not in the recycle bin

        The recycle bin in part of the Windows GUI. Because you are dealing with files across the network, you never interact with the GUI and this is why the files never get there.

        In a network, a backup is paramount to the success of any organization. This has always overcome any limitations of files being accidently deleted. In Server 2003, Microsoft made it even easier with the Volume Shadow Copy service and the users ability to recover deleted files on their own using the VSS client software.

        With VSS and backups, I do not see a limitation.
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