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    User Profiles
    we have set up our test win 2k3 on a seperate subnet on our network, this will soon become our primary domain controller when we power down our old 2000 servers

    we have set up everything on this server, users/groups, security and permissions, dns , etc

    we connected one of our user computers to this new subnet to check everything works - which it did, created an a record etc.

    However the problem is that it created a new login user profile for the user -brian
    So when we look in docs and settings it has the account of brian and brian.****
    brian is the old account on the origonal network login and brian.**** is the new logon profile.

    What i want to do is transfer the origonal profile to the new network logon profile.

    I found by removing the brian account from the network to the workgroup, rebooting logging in and then rejoining the network , i vould then log in as admin and delete the new profile brian.**** and then renaming brian to brian.****
    when i logged back into the network it used the settings that i wanted.....

    however this is a long workaround.

    i saw that i could go into system - advanced - user profiles- settings
    highlight the user profile that i wanted and then copy it to the new profile, however it doesnt give m ethe copy option for that profile - only for the admin profiles.....

    i was logged in as a local admin and then local user to test it....
    both times the copy box on everything except the admin user profiles were greyed out.....

    is there any way i can do this, as we have 12 pc's all with set user desktop settings that we want to keep .

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    Give a try to USMT (User State Migration Tool):
    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"