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hi every one plz i need answer for these question

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  • hi every one plz i need answer for these question

    Differences between Win 2000 Server & Advanced Server?

    What is the default domain functional level in Windows Server 2003
    what is Trust Relationship
    How we can create console, which contain schema
    what are the Types of groups
    what are Group scopes
    What is IPv6

    what is DNS
    what is diffrence between windows 2000 dns and 2003 dns ?
    What are the ways to configure DNS & Zones?
    what is forwarlookup zone
    what is reverselookup zone

    what are primary,secondary & stub zone
    What is DHCP? How we configure DHCP?
    Describe the lease process of the DHCP server.
    What are the types of backup? Explain each?
    What are Levels of RAID 0, 1, 5? Which one is better & why?

    Disaster Recovery Plan?
    What is scope & super scope?
    What is Kerberos? Which version is currently used by Windows? How
    does Kerberos work?
    boot process in windows nt/xp/2000/2003
    How do you configure memory dump if c:,d:,e: & paging file is
    configured so and so way?
    What is Remote Procedure Call?

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    Re: hi every one plz i need answer for these question

    Hi to you too.

    1) Read the forum rules. "hi every one plz i need answer for these question" is NOT a valid thread topic.

    User banned for 2 weeks!

    2) For that many questions I fear you will need to do some self study, use Google to find your answers. If you still don't get it, come back to us when your ban period is over and refine your question, we'll try to help.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services