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  • Roaming profiles

    What is the best practice for storing roaming profiles?

    We use roaming profiles in our shop and because of prior disk space limitations on our DCs we put them on our main file server in a shared folder named profiles. This works fine with no problems. The caveat is that they are only stored in one place.

    Now that we have more disk space on our DCs we would like to do is:

    1. Create a Profiles folder on or Windows 2003 DCs in the sysvol folder. This will replicate to the other DCs.

    2. Share the Profiles folder

    3. Change the user profile "Profile path" to:

    In this way, no matter which DC a user signs onto he/she has access to his/her profile. This also solves a problem where the profiles are only stored on a single server.

    Thanks in advance for the advice.

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    Re: Roaming profiles

    Are all of your servers located in the same physical location?

    I assume that you are using Terminal Services. By design, roaming profiles only works with one master profile, which is the one in the profile share. When a user logs into another server they pull a copy of the master profile to that server and when they logoff the shanges that they made are copied back to the master profile.

    There are a few basic things that you can do to prevent the impending disaster of a corrupted profile.

    1. Install the Install User Profile Hive Cleanup service (UPHclean-Setup.msi). This is a service that unloads the user profile from the registry when a user logs off, thereby letting a user's profile unload cleanly so Windows can copy it back to the remote profile storage area.
    2. Install Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit (rktools.exe). Delete cached roaming profiles with a scheduled task batch file that runs after-hours, but before the tape backup (put the following code in the batch file)
    cd c:\program files\windows resource kits\tools
    delprof /q /r

    You may want to think about redirecting the My Documents folder of each user to a share on the server, too. That way, they will have access to their docs no matter which server they are logged into. And, all of the docs can be included in your nightly backups.


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      Re: Roaming profiles

      Thanks for the tips.