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Win2003 DC and Hidden Shares

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  • Win2003 DC and Hidden Shares

    A collegue of mine has built a server and dcpromo'd it to Domain Controller Status.

    This has been on the network a few days now.

    The DC will be used as a File-Print-DNS box for a single small location.

    He is having problems getting the policies for folder redirection to work to a user$ share he has created.

    The error comes back as :
    \\ss-th01\users$ : configuration information cannot be read from the DC, either the machine is unavaliable or access is denied

    Anyone got any ideas... I am currently looking in to this with my collegue, but will keep looking in to see if anyone knows why this aint working as planned.

    is it anything to do with SMB ?

    All clients are XP SP2

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    Re: Win2003 DC and Hidden Shares

    I guess we'll start with the obvious:
    -Have you set the correct share permissions?
    -Have you set the correct NTFS permissions?
    -What is the path specified in the folder redirection policy?
    -Have you changed any of the default rights for the domain controller(s)?

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