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people are being locked out

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  • people are being locked out

    If one of our users shuts their computer down without logging off they seem not to be able to log back in, seems their profile is messed up. The only cure I have at present is to delete the profile of the local machine, the user can then log on again. Is there any way of stopping this from happening as it does happen a lot.

    profiles are roaming if this helps.

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    Too much info is missing from your question. Please try to tell us as much as you can and as much info you think is relevant to your question. For example, why not start with telling us what OS it is you're running, what type of domain you're using and so on.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Ok a bit more info.

      when a user is logged in and a pupil walks past them and turns off the machine (person doesn't get a chance to logg off) that person is then locked out.
      When they try to log back on after restarting the machine they cannot.

      I tried setting a GPO: session logs off afrter a period of inactivity.

      all this does is logg them off when a PC is left and if work is left on the PC it is lost.