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NIC Teaming

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  • NIC Teaming

    hi everybody,
    I have got a system that has got 70 thinclient and 30 desktop pc. all the thinclients are connecting to the terminal server. and the server's performans is too much slow. i wanna increase performance. i think i can do nic teaming but i dont know how to do this.
    and other solutions is i wanna divide the users %50 to one server and %50 to other one. is this a good solution?
    thanks alot

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    Re: NIC Teaming

    How about some server specs and apps that are being run?
    Are the thinclients on the internal network or are they running from a remote site(s)?
    What do the desktops use the servers for?

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      Re: NIC Teaming

      thinclients use terminal server for ERP software on the LAN not remote. only ERP software runs on the server and server has got 12 GB physical RAM and 12 GB pagefile ,xeon cpu...


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        Re: NIC Teaming

        Take a look at Yuval's article regarding performance on Terminal Servers. It might give you a hint.
        Besides that, you should check the Performance counters for some info, maybe you'll get there the picture about the bottlenecks.
        Third, what servers do you have? Usually, the brand ones have their manufacturer's tools to establish teaming.
        Regarding NLB between Terminal Services servers, I can propose you the LoadBalancer from 2X. I am using it to balance 4 servers and 110 thin clients and it works excellent.

        Good luck.

        Sorin Solomon

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          Re: NIC Teaming

          ok i will try them.. thanks