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  • Remote sites and AD

    Thought this forum is the most appropriate, but if i'm wrong let me know.

    Our company is a single site with the usual, servers DC's and Exchange, (if anything could ever be described as usual!)

    We are palanning to locate 1-3 employees in the states and they require access to the domain and its resources as if they were still here. I'm looking into the best way to acheive that via a corporate VPN, however, does anyone have any advice on whether any servers will be needed at the remote site. Its only 3 people and dont know if authenticating to our domain across a VPN would be good enough, or possible.

    Any advice/recomendations would be grateful.


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    Re: Remote sites and AD

    Citrix Server with Citrix Gateway will be the most usefull solution.
    Use authentication with OTP cards and Radius... and thats all.
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    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Remote sites and AD


      Can you explain please, i was looking at putting a firewall at the renote location, creating a corporate/corporate VPN and having the users join the domain through that, my original question was regarding the presence of a DC at the remote site.

      You have now raised doubts on that solution.

      What advantages would a citrix server and gateway plus the other stuff give me in preference to the way i was thinking?



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        Re: Remote sites and AD

        I have tried 2 different solutions in a similar case.

        1. Setup a firewall as the VPN endpoint and configure it as the DHCP server and to onforward all DNS requests to the DC at head office. Now, all your users run RDP to the Terminal Server at HO. We had issues with speed. Our sites had 512/512K SHDSL connections going into an 8 MB/s connection at HO but still had issues with timing in the TS sessions. It did work, tho.
        2. We removed the firewall at the remote site, installed a replicating Windows 2003 server with Exchange. All files were stored locally to the remote site and we only used RDP/TS to access the CRM package at HO. This dramatically increased efficiency at the remote sites plus provided DHCP and DNS from the replicating server and thus were able to route their internet browsing into our ISA server at HO. This is the best solution, even with three users.
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