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UNIX services for Windows won’t start

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  • UNIX services for Windows won’t start

    I am trying to get a UNIX (which I know nothing about) workstation to read a file that sits on a Windows 2000 server (which I am learning now). The UNIX workstation side of the problem is managed by a person with experience in UNIX.

    I have set as my first goal to have the UNIX workstation read a simple text document created with notepad. The computers will be grouped in a Workgroup, and for this first test I am not concerned about security. I have installed Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX (version 3.5) and I am having problems starting the Server for NFS.

    Here is what I did:

    1.- I downloaded and installed on the Windows 2000 Server the Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX package.

    2.- I opened the Services for UNIX Administration program.

    3.- I right clicked on Server for NFS and then clicked on Start on the contextual menu that drops down.

    I got an error message stating “The service failed to start,” no error number, no nothing. I checked the events log, no clue there either.

    Can someone help me with this?

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    Re: UNIX services for Windows won’t start

    if you need to transfer a file very urgent then use winscp (free) its like total commander very simple to use.
    another solution (workaround) is to tell your unix tech to install samba on his system and you can use shared space there to store files for both systems... MS and LNX
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      Re: UNIX services for Windows won’t start

      The files must sit on the Windows system as UNIX doesn’t offer the auditing options the user needs.