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Server 2000 permissions issue,need help

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  • Server 2000 permissions issue,need help

    Here's the background of the issue:

    Windows Server 2000

    - Excel 2002, Office XP Professional (SP2)

    - Office is installed locally on the Server.

    - Excel is ran via Citrix, Terminal Server environment.

    - Excel 2002 (SP2)

    - shares stored on Windows Server 2000 SP4.

    - The problem seems to be a file permissions issue with any files in a Parent folder.

    - an Excel file (which part of the parent folder) has different security permissions the parent folder.

    i.e. The folder has security permissions different to the Excel file.

    - the Excel document should have its own security as it is set "NOT" to inherit permissions from parent folders.

    - However, when the Excel file is changed and saved via citrix, the file reverts to the permissions of the parent folder.

    - This happens to any files in the same parent folder that have different security permissions set to the parent folder.

    - tried creating new shares, however it has the same issue.

    - once file gets updated or modified, the file loses its security permissions and gets the security permissions of the parent folder

    - No errors reported.

    Anyone has any ideas on this?

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    Re: Server 2000 permissions issue,need help

    Did you tried to disable permssions Inherited from the folder above the excel file?
    Do the users use the same user account for TS and regular work?
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    Yuval Sinay

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