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Sharing and Security permission

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  • Sharing and Security permission


    I have a doubt on sharing and security permission, kindly advise the correct way to configure.

    I have a sharedfolder accessed by multiple users from the LAN. The floder has multiple sub-folders.

    Some folders needs full persmission for a set of users and some folders needs read and write for a set of users.

    What kind of sharing and security i have to enable on the parent and subfolders?

    pls advise


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    Re: Sharing and Security permission

    Most restrictive applies when configuring Share and NTFS permissions... and if you want to get technical, for NTFS, closest configured then most restrictive applies. (if you find this statement confusing you can safely ignore it or if you're interested I can give an example of what I mean)

    OK, if any user or group needs to be able to write anywhere in the share then they need read and write permissions for the share. You should then be able to control the specific folder rights with NTFS permissions. Same concept for Full permissions.

    Post back if you need clarification.

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      Re: Sharing and Security permission

      You normally assing the 'Authenticated users' group full control over the share permission and then set the required security permissions for the different users / groups.

      If you start assigning NTFS and share permissions things can start to get messy very quickly.
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