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DFS or other Solution

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  • DFS or other Solution

    I have a question about what tehinque is better suited for my envioment/hardware.
    I have 1 domain - 2 site -3 DC
    In 1 site i have 1DC and 1500 users from witch 60 staff users with profile/docs on server.
    I'm looking for a failover solution.
    I can't afford to much downtime because the activity would stop if the server goes down and users can't acces documents.
    Wath i figured so far is i need to add at least 1 DC at this site so users can log in,if server goes down but the documents still can not be accesed.
    If i ad another srv and i redirect profiles/docs on that srv if one DC goes down i still have acces to docs but if that srv(witth the files) goes down there is still a problem.
    So i think on implementing DFS and have docs/replicate on the 2 DC.
    What i don't yet understand is wath are the limits of DFS.
    If i have 60 staff users with profile/docs around 1GB each(60 GB total and a lot of folders) can DFS work with that?
    Is there a better way with the least hardware(2 max 3 srv)?

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    Re: DFS or other Solution

    This is not my area of expertise but one thing I do know is that 2K3 R2 Server includes DFS-R - which means that if a 100Mb file has been changed by 6-bytes, the replication will transfer only the 6-bytes, whereas previous versions would have replicated the 100Mb again in its entirety.
    So the newest version should, after the initial replication save a LOT of bandwidth.

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      Re: DFS or other Solution

      Yes i know that and bandwith is not really my concerne because i nedd to do this setup on that site (not between sites) but i stiil don't know the limits of DFS like how many folders ?(I know about the limit of 5000 links but it's not the case as i understood) but reading the documentation i found out (or i misunderstood) that there is also a folder limit)