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Port forwarding in Windows 2000??

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  • Port forwarding in Windows 2000??

    Hi All -

    I first want to say I searched for my question, but couldn't find an answer.

    My Windows 2000 server system is not that large. I have one server that is a DHCP server and recently installed a new server that will act as a webpage server for a scheduling program. Employees will click a link on our webpage that will go to that server so they can sign up for shifts.

    Our IP address from our ISP is static, my question is, when I type in the IP address it goes to our router (which does not handle DHCP the 1st server does). Is there a way in 2000 server to assign a port to that 2nd server so I can have people goto http:// our ip address/port number and it will go to that 2nd server.

    Similar to port forwarding in a router which handles DHCP or would I do it in the router even though the 1st server is the DHCP server?


    Juan A

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    Re: Port forwarding in Windows 2000??


    yes you can port forward in your router... DHCP has nothing to do with that...

    you configure that every thing on port 80 etc... goes to lan ip xx.xx.xx.xx (should be static on your lan) and voila it should work... i have it at my home like this... with much more port forwardings...

    ssh rdp http etc...
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      Re: Port forwarding in Windows 2000??

      If you still have problems, let us know the make & model of the router and we may be able to assist further.
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