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POP3 mail server and NNTP protocol

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  • POP3 mail server and NNTP protocol

    Hi all,
    I want to setup e mail and nntp server for my local area. That email server would be use within building so this machine will not send data on internet and it will not recieve data from internet. That machine would be only serving local area clients. In my local area, I am running domain controller that is also hosting dns service. The domian name is run.local. I want to use pop3 servre that comes with IIS. I have installed IIS on one of computer. put its entry in dns server. the communication with IIS is going smoothly. I configured pop3 server that comes with IIS. now i m not getting how can i put entries in DNS zone so my email can route. my computer that is hosting IIS name is hitman. I have putted dns entry for web server as
    A www.ahmer.local
    where is address of hitman computer. Can any one plz help me how i can configure dns to resolve pop3 server address. I am also wondering what is my pop3 and smtp server name that i can put in outlook or any email client. I try to search for it but unsuccessful.
    second question is how can i configure nntp protocol in IIS