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Domain policy not orverriding the Loca policy

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  • Domain policy not orverriding the Loca policy

    I m using win2k server as Domain controller and win xp as client. I moved a user from least restrictive OU to more restrective OU,then it works well, But When i move back the user to origional one. It's does not work on a specific computer,on which it usually log on. But works well on other computers.I think it kind of problem ,that Domain policy is not overriding to loca policy on that specific machine. How to solve this problem. Plz any1 help me.

    Rashad Mehmood

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    Re: Domain policy not orverriding the Loca policy

    Run the Group Policy Result Wizard against the machine in question. Check the results event log tab and see what it says about failed policy applications.

    Since the server is Win2k you'll probably need to run it from a Win2k3 or XP machine. I can't recall but I don't think the group policy management console works on 2k.
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