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  • how it is possible

    suppose in a LAN,a user is logged in in spite of Server computer is not powered, mean to say not is possible that user can ligin to domain.what is reason.

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    Local machine uses a cached password and is not actually authenticated by the server.
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      network resouces

      can i get network resouces on server via this login.


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        Re: network resouces

        Originally posted by alitoday
        can i get network resouces on server via this login.
        That depends. If the network resources are checking user name / password to validate the user then yes because his/her username / password will match. Network shares on an alternate machine.

        Else if it is expecting a trust or needs a kerberos key - No.

        Also, objects that have been published to AD will not be available if the user tries to view them - Assume this is the only DC.

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