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2003 redundancy

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  • 2003 redundancy

    I have 2 servers both running 2003 server std. (server1 and server2).

    Server1 handles DHCP, DNS, and authentication. Server2 replicate objects from server2. On friday i unplugged the nic on server1 in the hopes that server2 would take over...but no such luck.. Is there any good HOW to guide to configure AD redundancy in 2003 server? I know DHCP and DNS would stop working since they are not setup on server2 but I assumed authentication into workstation would still occur. Or will that not occur until i setup redundancy in DNS?

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    Re: 2003 redundancy

    Do you have both setup as Global Catalog servers?? This can be done via ADSS (AD Sites and Services)

    DNS should work as expected if it is AD integrated.

    DHCP is another matter. The best step here is to do an 80/20 split.