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User with 2 profiles in XP Pro

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  • User with 2 profiles in XP Pro


    we have logon script for all users that login to our domain (mapping the printers, drives, etc).
    However, I'm having a user, that somehow has two profiles created.
    the name of the first Profile one is just her username (how it should be) and the 2nd profile has her

    How can that happened and how can you combine both profiles into one? Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Re: User with 2 profiles in XP Pro

    Do you have same user name localy (local user). If you do have than that could be reason.

    Probaly one of them is created and it is empty (no documents inside).
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      Re: User with 2 profiles in XP Pro

      This is It's own Windows structure for profiles. Suppose you domain name is "domain.local" and username is "John". When Users Logon if the "john" folder is Exist on "Documents and Settings" folder then It will create "john.domain.local".
      This issue is happened if you Join this computer to domain 2 times while you have changed or Reinstalled DC or something like it.See the"modiefied" date of both "john" and "john.domain.local" only one of this 2 folder ois active now and windows use it for profiles section. You could then remove the other folder.


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        Re: User with 2 profiles in XP Pro

        As S2002 says the profiles are both a local one and a domain one you see.
        The user logged in locally will not get mapped drives and very restricted access to your domain.

        Users quite often make this error through not looking what they are doing when logging on. If you feel you want to remove the local profile it should not be a peroblem.
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          Re: User with 2 profiles in XP Pro

          I agrre with what s2002 has said but there may be another reason, The user's SID may have been changed by a way or another so the user can't log on with his old profile so another profile is created for the user with the name 'username.domain_name', but b4 deleting any profile just copy it to the last modified one.