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    I hope you would help me in this strategy:
    suppose my Office as a Magazine institute which has 3 sections.

    Section A: Include at least 10 Workstations.users surfe the web for New and interesting News/Articles/..(this section uses Dedicated Wireless Access to internet).

    Section B: Include at least 20 Workstations.users Write their own News/Articles and Edit The files which Section A provided.2 file servers are needed for this section. (Internet access not needed).

    Section C: Include at least 5 Workstations.users are responsible to send The new contents To our website...(this section uses it's own Dedicated Wireless Access to internet).

    How should we configure these sections so that each section would be isolated form other sections (tight Security For File servers in Sction B). Get ability to transmit Text/pics file types in whole Office.How many Servers do we need For This Purpose? where should they be placed?Could you help me in sample strategies, We are going to use ISA as Software Firewall solution.

    best regards,

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    Re: Office Strrategy

    You can use ISA 2006 with Antivirus on for ISA and setup each section as seperate VLAN and ISA will be the router.
    You can use hardware device for this function like Fortinet 500 etc. or router with
    layer 2,3,4 capabilities.
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    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Office Strrategy

      It's better to use 2 DNS for your intranet resolve purpose.set the other to resolve Internet addresses. think about AD, and DNS(use for Internal resolves) security. Don't set any gateway for them. You need 2 DMZ zone and a permiter for- file server-. You could not use 2 dedicated line for intenet access while you use ISA server. Forum members could help you more to whether how many AD servers you need,and what AV you use for this purpose. and be sure to think about address range. ISA has some limitations in Network address range.