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Windows 2003 server as webserver

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  • Windows 2003 server as webserver

    I have installed windows server 2003 and also installed IIS. I want to be able to use this as a webserver over my intranet. I have 3 other computers that sit on the same network. How can I use server as my testing server for websites?

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    Re: Windows 2003 server as webserver

    Windows 2003 Standard EDT can be used as web server. You have installed IIS as I can read. If not installed than install FTP as well.

    In IIS you can create web sites by right click in server - new - website.

    You will be asked for folder where to store files and some other configuration things.

    Configure your NIC (LAN card) with multiple IP address so every web site or ftp site have it own IP.

    Users can access their web space using FTP or front page so you should read about this a little bit.

    This is simple and short description of your question.
    Arber I. Ibrahimi


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      Re: Windows 2003 server as webserver

      You should also look into hardening the server, in case it'll be used for outside communication. SCW will help (in R2).

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        Re: Windows 2003 server as webserver

        Just want to clarify some things. The 2003 server is not live. It is only ment for internal development purposes. I have a lab set up with a few computers. I do not want to install IIS on evey PC but rather have them upload to the 2003 server and test their code through that. How can I do that?

        I have already installed IIS on the 2003 server. How can I configure it so that I can do my test on that server? I know how I can upload it to the server but what url would I use to test it?


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          Re: Windows 2003 server as webserver

          How 'bout share the website's directory... or you could give them ftp access.

          EDIT - reread your post. Disregard the above. If you have a DNS server on the test network you can follow arberibrahimi advice. If you don't have a DNS server you can just add entries for the websites' URL in the computers' HOSTS file (found in %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\)
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            Re: Windows 2003 server as webserver

            If you use single IP in Win 2003 than use http://ipaddressofserver. If you add more than one web site to host than you need to add IP addreses to the nic (of win 2003 again) and configure each site to corespond to specific address. If you have DNS server than you can configure your IP as HOST and than be able to http://hostname (defined in DNS)
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