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Windows Share Point Services V3.0 Beta

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  • Windows Share Point Services V3.0 Beta

    I have installed WSS V3.0 Beta version recently to one of the Server, which is a part of the domain.

    I create a document Library ad keep all the files required for the User. This folder has more than 6 subdirectories under respective direrctory and individual files are their and User able to save the file according to their access rights on the respective file.

    Suddenly i am finding 1-2 workstation not able to save the file though it is showing as saving, but when i want to open it i can not see the change on those file.

    Their is no change in terms of configuration. User open their file thru Windows Explorer and save thru Explorer only.

    Though from the same workstation if he or she upload that file from his workstation to his area in the sharepoint site, it update the file. Versioning is disable on their.

    Any help will be highly appretiate.