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Number of Active Connections

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  • Number of Active Connections

    Hello Folks,
    Apologies in advance. I am completey new to forum posting.
    So if this question as been asked before forgive me.
    In brief I have a Windows 2003 Server. I need to know how many active connections
    are on the server. I have a need to add 10 more computers to this server and I want to know if we need to purchase more CALs.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Number of Active Connections

    You could write NET SESSION from cmd prompt. Not sure if it is what you mean?



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      Re: Number of Active Connections

      Thanks for the reply,
      Prior to this w2k3 server we had NetWare 5. I know what you might be thinking
      why replace NetWare with W2k3? the answer is talk to our accountants.
      Anyway, there was a console utility called 'monitor'. which if you went in deep enough would tell you how many active connections you had at any given time.
      I was looking for the Windows equivalent. If there is such a thing.

      Thanks again


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        Re: Number of Active Connections

        In the Administrative Tools under Computer Management you will find the Shared Folders section. In that you will see Shares, Sessions and Open Files.


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          Re: Number of Active Connections

          Thanks for the feedback.
          Yeah! I found that myself. Just thought there was something better than that
          that would do the job.
          As a side issue not all my nodes seem to be included in the list that I exported.
          Like I said that is another problem.
          Any more pearls of wisdom please let me know



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            Re: Number of Active Connections

            Sysinternals psloggedon might do the trick.

            Change DHCP lease to 5 minutes and check the number of leases. This assumes a per user CALs as a opposed to a device CALS (please excuse if my terminology is not correct) and that everyone is logged on.

            Count the number of devices in your network and compare them to the number of CALs you actually have.
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