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Local User Admin Rights, howto?

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  • Local User Admin Rights, howto?

    I am sorry if this have been asked before but I just can't find the right answer to it. I have 1 Windows Server 2003 SP1 with DC, DNS and DHCP in the same server and 10 users. 1 user needs to install different softwares and hardwares for research purposes. Right now, all 10 users are just Domain Users. How can I give 1 user local computer/user Admin Rights? Is there a way of doing this without going to the user site? I mean through the AD only without doing anything on the local machine or computer?

    Thanks a lot.


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    Re: Local User Admin Rights, howto?

    Hi Lawin

    Ok there are a few senarios for this. A script, also AD GPO.

    I think the best suggestion is if you search on Google Groups for the following

    "adding a global user to the local administrators group"

    That should assist you in getting this sorted
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      Re: Local User Admin Rights, howto?

      Hi Lawin!

      Have a shifty at 'Restricted Groups' in AD GPOs. They provide a means to allocate Local Rights to domain user accounts using built-in or customised local groups.

      Old Fox