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Cannot find primary authoritative DNS Server after the shutdown unexpectedly

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  • Cannot find primary authoritative DNS Server after the shutdown unexpectedly

    Suppose I have a Windows 2003 server as named as DRAGON as also act as Domain Controller. DNS server is installed in DRAGON (IP is The domain name is ETERNALDOMAIN. Due to recently power outrage occured twice, the zone file ( was corrupted. The DNS server could not be started due the file corruption. I, then fix the file corruption (CHKDSK) and replace zone file from the backup copy. As I replaced the corrupted file from backup, the DNS seems works OK. GC is set to DRAGON

    However, I have experiencing numerous errors and warning from Event Viewer. Before the the power outrage, there are no errors found from Event Viewer.

    When I run NETDIAG, it reports as
    DNS test......... Passed
    [Warning] Cannot find primary authoritative DNS server from the name '' [ERROR_TIMEOUT]
    The name '' may not be registered in DNS
    PASS - All the DNS entries for DC are registered on DNS server '' and other DCs also gave some of the names registered.

    Also, when I reboot the server I have the DHCPServer error shown in Evernt Viewer

    EventID : 1059
    Source : DhcpServer
    The DHCP service failed to see a directory server for authorization

    Source : NTDS Replication
    EventID: 2087
    Active Directory could not resolve the following DNS host name of the source domain controller to an IP address ......

    I do not know what to do. Please advice.
    FYI, I have another remote Windows 2003 server Domain Controller named as PANTHER. However I set DRAGON to replicate to PANTHER. Both DCs are connected via VLAN.

    Thanks in advanced.