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Moving Share folders to a new location

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  • Moving Share folders to a new location

    I have windows 2003 server install on my file server, have serveral folders which I have shared for users to access them.

    Now I have bigger external storage which I want my users to start using it.

    if I want users to think that they are still accessing their files from the same location, what I need to do to achieve that with all access rights being in place.

    My disks are using NTFS file system.

    Thanking you

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    Re: Moving Share folders to a new location

    How are the users accessing the SHARES now?
    Mapped drive?
    Connect to specific drive that is set in User Porfile?
    Network Broswing?
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      Re: Moving Share folders to a new location

      What about a DFS with a link witch target to the external storage?
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        Re: Moving Share folders to a new location

        In order to retain permissions you must move the files instead of copy. If you copy the files will retain permissions of the destination drive and you would have to reconfig all permissions on all folders. However, if you simply move not copy, all folders/subfolders will retain their current permissions.

        Also, I would name the destination drive the same as the source (after the move) and it should be seamless for the users.


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          Re: Moving Share folders to a new location

          Thank you all for your responses.

          I have read about DFS files system, but never used.

          my users connect to mapped network drive thought their profiles also its possible to browse via network places.

          I will try to do the Move option and report back the outcome. just a question, this will cover user permission, what about the mapped drive, do I have to change on their profile to indicate and direct new drive location?


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            Re: Moving Share folders to a new location

            1. Moving your file will save premissions only of you use same drive/partition. Moving to another parition will destroy configuration of Security/Premisions

            2. You can use Norton Ghost like software to clone drive. After you clone drive (partition) remove old drive and use its drive leter in your new drive.

            3. You can use this free software if you dont have Ghost:


            4. Moving date from one drive to another without destroying permissions and shares and without using any extra software can be done (follow these steps):

            Start> Run> diskmgmt.msc
            Convert Drive A (existing data drive which will be replaced) to dynamic
            Convert Drive B (new drive, must be unformated, un paritioned) to dynamic

            RightClick on drive A than ADD MIRROR
            Select Drive B and click Add Mirror

            (after this procedure your drive will be sincronysed and your data will be cloned into new drive with same capacity as old drive, other part of new drive will remain unpartitioned and unformated)

            After 100% Syncronization of drives, shut down computer

            Remove old drive (phisicaly or only cables so it will be unavailable for computer)

            Power on computer,

            go to My Computer and all your data must be there fully cloned and ready.

            go to Start> Run> diskmgmt.msc

            RightClick on Missing Drive > Remove Mirror > remove missing drive.

            RightClick on missing drive and select Remove Disk.

            (now you have new cloned with same size as old drive. You can use software to resize partition.)

            If you dont have Partition Magic like software to resize drive than follow these steps:

            RightClick in partiotion of Drive B > Extend Volume > Select free space of same drive > Add > Finish.

            Now you have 1 Drive with 2 partiotions (extended) using full size of your hard drive.
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              Re: Moving Share folders to a new location

              arberibrahimi, thanks for the input but I think your suggestion is overly complicated. There are plenty of utilities out there that will copy over security permissions (like xcopy). Even a backup and restore would be less complicated and time consuming.

              newmpc, fyi, if you move files to a different volume it will inherit permissions of it's parent and disregard any it had. If you move it within the same volume then you're right, the permissions will travel with it.

              mariamislam, if you don't want to change anything on your clients then you'll need to use DFS. Otherwise, wherever you move the files you will then need to point the clients to them.


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                Re: Moving Share folders to a new location

                I agree JeremyW, its complicated method but it can help to clone HDD with OS without losing any data and configuration. Normaly if dont have/use ghost like softwares.
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                  Re: Moving Share folders to a new location

                  I would use Robcopy. -

                  Check for an explination of switches.

                  I recently transfered several terabytes using this method as I had to migrate our fileserver to a newer more powerful one. It takes a while (depending on the amount of data of course) but it works great nonetheless. By default it will not copy files that are older so you can do serveral pases to make sure your data is current. Just make sure the system time and date are the same on both servers before you start. If the data is going to the same server just a new share then the same date and time issue is obviously moot.

                  Check it out...
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                    Re: Moving Share folders to a new location

                    Good day Every one,

                    What my opanion is mariamislam can keep old drive with the new one. mariamislam can extend our hard drive. In disk management, by converting your both of disks into dynamic and then extend your old one with new one. In this way the user can use his old drive space and space from new one and all these changes would be invisible to network users. It is I guess more simpler. In this way mariamislam does not have to move disks and has more space with old and new one.



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                      Re: Moving Share folders to a new location

                      But he does have to make the HDDs Dynamic when it is not really necessary. That is adding a complication when it may not be necessary.
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