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DNS registration isues (was: Hello all have a question)

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  • DNS registration isues (was: Hello all have a question)

    Although I'm new here, I've been reading articles by Daniel Petri for quite some time.
    I have a question concerning on of his articles:

    "How do I install and configure a new Windows 2000 DNS server to prepare for a new AD Domain?"

    In step 2 it states: Right-click the zone named ".", and then click Properties.

    On my domain controllers dns I don' t have a zone called "."
    I have been having some strange problems as of late with DNS and have been doing some research. Last weekend I had Active Directory shut down all to gether. When I was called in to see what the problem was I opened up dns manager and reloaded the zone. After that I was able to get back in to Active Directory.
    An warning that keeps popping up in Event viewer:

    "Dynamic registration or deregistration of one or more records failed because no DNS servers were available."

    It may be because of a restart and the netlogon process starts before DNS but there is another Domain Controller on the network at this location so I would think I wouldn't get that message in event viewer.
    Also when I go to my other domain controller to veiw event viewer I can see messages in system but when I go to look at dns or any other messages there is nothing there. Then when I go back to the system messages they have disapeared. This strange behaviour may have nothing to do with the DNS.

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    Re: Hello all have a question

    Guitarman, I strongly recommend you change the title of your thread before Daniel sees it! If you have been reading here for some time, you should know the forum rules by now

    Not sure about your problem, but try using to check out DNS configuration. "." is the DNS root zone, above com etc.

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      Re: Hello all have a question

      Does this not happen when you delete the ROOT zones??


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        Re: Hello all have a question


        1) The root zone is usually automatically created by the DCPROMO wizard when you did not manually configure the DNS before running it, and even then, only when there's no Internet connection available while the wizard runs.

        2) The root zone has nothing to do with the ability or lack of to register within the zone. Check your zone settings, and if required, just delete it and manually re-create it. Make sure you document any manual entries that were in it before doing so.

        3) You're now banned for 2 weeks. Next time read the forum rules BEFORE posting (hint - title of the topic has nothing to do with the question).

        4) Good luck.

        Daniel Petri
        Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services